356 or 912 Alternator Conversion Kit

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The Porsche 356 is a wonderful car, and far be it for us to criticize any aspect of Dr. Porsche's first production vehicle.  We're not saying there is a flaw in these cars, but if there was, it would be the electrical system.  6V electrical systems might have been fine for the 50's and early 60's, but for today's driving it leaves something to be desired.  The 6V generator is just not robust enough to handle modern electrical loads such as adequate lighting, wipers and a stereo all at the same time.  Even when converted to 12V, the generators are a bit limited as to what they can handle.  Our Alternator Conversion Kit finally puts an end to all the conjecture about how to improve 356 electrics. 


This kit comes with everything you need to install an alternator to your 356 or 912 Porsche.  We're so confident of it, we allow you to supply your own alternator, or purchase one of ours.  This kit includes detailed instructions, the alternator stand, alternator strap, fan hub, fan plate, belt, gaskets, hardware, woodruff keys, terminal block and even Zuffenhausens Incredible Missing Screwdriver. 


Alternator sold separately. 


Zims offers 55 amp Bosch, 55 amp non-Bosch, or a 6V 45 amp Bosch alternator. 

Kit could also be used with 75 and 90 amp alternators sold elsewhere. 


Cars prior to 1962 will also require our Oil Filler Adapter


Fits all 356 54-61 if you use our oil filler adapter.
Fits 356T6 63-65
Fits all 912 65-69