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356 EFI Conversion
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356 EFI Conversion

Complete Minimally Inasive Electronic Fuel Injection Conversion For 1955 to 1965 356's


Are you sick and tired of finicky carburetors? You’re not the only one. That’s why we developed our own Electronic Fuel Injection conversion for your 1955-1965 356. 



  • An ECU that features:
  • Precise Control Over Fuel
  •       -16x16 Fuel Tables 
  •       -Adjustable Warm Up Enrichment Map
  •       -Accelerator Pump Adjustability / Tuning
  •       -Air Fuel Ratio Targeting (Closed Loop Fuel Control)
  • Full Control Over Ignition
  •       -12x12 Timing Tables
  •       -Temperature Based Timing Correction 
  • Altitude/Barometric  Correction 
  • Optional Capabilitys Such As*
  •       - Idle Control
  •       - Fuel Map Switching
  •       - Timing Curve Switching
  • Data Logging and Diagnostics Via Laptop or Android Device


  • Complete Ready To Install Wiring Harness
  • Complete Drop In Replacement Ignition System, Including Distributor, Coil, Plugs and Wires
  • Premade Fuel Lines 
  • Fuel Filter Kit
  • Fuel Pump and Regulator Assembly
  • Preassembled Throttle Bodies With Bosch Injectors
  • New Intake Manifolds
  • Necessary Mounting and Assembly Hardware 


* This Feature Is Not In The Kit As It Ships, But Is Easily Added, Just Call and Ask *


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EFI Frequently asked Questions: 

1) Why have we designed a kit to change from Carburetors to Electronic Fuel Injection?

We’d like to keep these cars on the road and with today’s poor fuel quality, increasing difficulty in finding parts, and increasingly costly repairs, it was important to us to find a solution. 


2) Do you make one for my car?

Currently we are only working on a kit for 1955-1965 356’s but will definitely explore other applications (912, 914, 912E) in the future. Side note: If your 356 has a 912 engine, this kit WILL fit just fine. 


3) Does my car have to be converted to 12v for it to work?

Yes it does. You will need a minimum of a 35 amp charging system, with our 12v alternator conversion being the recommended method.


4) Why should I install this kit on my car? What are the benefits?

This kit has many benefits such as, easier starting, better drivability, altitude compensation, more precise control over fuel and timing. 


5) How much time does this kit take to install and how difficult is it to install?

This kit was developed for someone moderately experienced working on 356’s. You can expect anywhere between 6-10 hours (possibly more, depending on skill level), not including removing and reinstalling the engine.


6) What’s included in the kit?

This Kit Includes: 

  • ECU
  • Completed Pre-Terminated Wiring Harness
  • Throttle Bodies 
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Intake Manifolds
  • Sensors (Air Temp., Cyl. Temp., Throttle Position, Wideband O2 Sensor)
  • Fuel Lines
  • Fuel Filter
  • Fuel Pump and Pressure Regulator
  • Spark Plugs and Wires
  • Distributor
  • Ignition Coil and Module
  • All Associated Hardware Components 

A few other parts may be needed , such as the side tins if converting from Zenith Carbs


7) Is Tuning required?

The kit will ship with a base map that should get you started, however, due to many variations in engines the vehicle will have to be tuned . Ideally having it professionally tuned on a dyno would be the best route. With that said, you can do it yourself via a laptop (windows or Mac) or an android device (information provided in kit instructions).


8) How much permanent modification must be done to my vehicle when installing the kit?

A few small screw holes for mounting the ECU and Fuel pump. An O2 sensor bung is included in the kit and is strongly suggested to be installed in the muffler to aid both tuning and allow full functionality of the kit.


9) How much does this kit increase horsepower?

This kit was designed for increased drivability and improved starting first and foremost, but from what we’ve seen there may be a significant increase in power over your old carburetors. It does vary car to car. With a proper tune, it will perform at least as well as your carburetors did. Our goal was to make these cars easier to drive in an effort to keep them on the road.



10) How do I get one? When can I order one?

The kits are currently for sale. Please call us before ordering to confirm build details and current ETA. As each one of these kits are made to order, we have a couple of questions to help choose the best of several options to best suit your car.


For any other questions, regarding this or any other inquiries, please use our Email Contact form on our website.

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