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Brake Booster, Reman, -77
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Brake Booster, Reman, -77

Remanufactured Brake Booster, Sold Exchange


PLEASE CALL BEFORE ORDERING!!!! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT WE TALK TO YOU FIRST. WE NEED YOUR CORE BEFORE WE CAN SELL YOU A BOOSTER SO WE CAN MAKE SURE WE ARE SELLING YOU THE RIGHT PART. Porsche's part cataloging isnt great for this item and the number on the booster isnt always the correct number. We apologize for the hassle, but we want to make sure we get you the right part! PLEASE CALL BEFORE ORDERING!!!

  • $435.00
  • Weight
    6.6700 lbs
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When a brake master cylinder leaks, it leaks right into the brake booster.  The brake fluid damages the vacuum diphragm in the booster, causing a vacuum leak resulting in minimized braking performance.  Save thousands over the cost of a new booster with our high quality remanufactured brake booster.  

Quad seal between booster and master cylinder sold separately.